I love my skin buddy!! Using the number 4 setting everyday for the past couple weeks has changed the large pores on my cheeks to not even being noticeable anymore! A must have in your esthetician kit !
— Rachel Bryant
I purchased my MSB from you at the Philly show on May 22nd. I am absolutely in love with my new little friend. My pores appear smaller and my fine lines are smoothed out. I’m very happy with my purchase.
— Christina Palat
This device really does give a deeper clean! Even when you’ve washed your face in the traditional manner.. with cleanser and a cloth for example, my skin buddy still manages to find more dirt. My face feels cleaner than clean after using MSB. Why leave dirt in the pores to create spots and dull skin when you can have cleaner fresher skin with no effort? It’s a no- brainer for me! I’d recommend it to anyone!! A wonderful device!
— Debbie Millington. United Kingdom.
Seriously the BEST purchase I’ve made in a while. I used to use my Clarisonic and saw some changes. Once I started using my skin buddy, I’ve seen dramatic changes within a week! The LED lights really do help!! EVERYONE needs this in their life.
— Danielle Lynn Cullumber. Esthetician. Las Vegas, NV
When I tell you I love MYSKINBUDDY. Thank you Madison Cache Med Spa for this introduction. I love how my skin feels after using this. I feel beautiful-EEERRR 😜😜 love you guys @myskinbuddy
— Ressie G. Approved
My Skin Buddy is now my daily morning routine tool, it helped with my acne scars and zapped my pimples away. My skin feels so refreshing and flawless I can not go a day without it!
— Amany D. Costa Mesa, CA
I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars at spas. I wish I had this product before because it would have saved me a ton of money. I have struggled with acne prone skin being in my early 20’s.This product is perfect. Not only does it help with acne prone skin, it exfoliates, and does SO MUCH MORE. The first time I used myskinbuddy I felt a big difference in my skin. For people who are struggling with skin conditions due to acne issues, this will literally be your new skinbuddy.  The results are fast and the product is so easy to use. Great investment
— Tina Dahdoul. Costa Mesa, CA
I love my skin buddy. I always used an electric brush. I saw a huge difference in the cleanliness of my face in the first use. After 2 weeks my pores are smaller way fewer blackheads and fine lines. My skin is smooth and tighter. The multi light choices covers every skin need. It’s a great device. I found my skin buddy at a beauty trade show. There were many vendors with LED skin devices. Many of their devices sold for as much $ 4,500 their devices were only red lights. The my skin buddy offers red, blue and green. And it’s only a fraction of the cost.
— Richard Green. Director of Education at BJ Grand Salon
Love MySkinBuddy, love my skin and love how it feels after every use! Excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone looking to maintain healthy skin. Thank you MSB!
— Neena Z. Vis a Vis Spa and Salon. Dallas, TX
Loving My Skin Buddy! Starting off the New Year right with clean & clarified skin. It thoroughly cleanses the skin along with brightening in just one use!! I love the lights also to help penetrate serums into your skin. Highly recommend for friends family & clients
— Rebecca Diaz Morehead. Lake Charles, LA
Top fav Skin transformer!!
— @Monogram Girl