Read about How Ghada Maintains Balance While Running MYSKINBUDDY

Hi, everyone :)

My name is Ghada, and I'm the owner and creator of MYSKINBUDDY.

A few weeks ago, I was on the phone with one of beauty industry's greatest of all time, THE Lori Crete aka The Beauty Biz Coach. She asked me a question that most people and friends have been asking me lately. 


How do you maintain balance in your life? 

First off, my life is crazy. As a start-up business owner, I often find myself closing my eyes just trying to catch my breath, a lot! Breathing in deeply usually brings my heart rate back to its normal resting rate. Every day is unpredictable and sometimes erratic, which can get a little overwhelming. Staying positive and motivated is a constant struggle.


I tried getting organized.  Before the year started, I purchased the cutest floral planner with a matching purple-inked pen to showcase my calligraphy skills on each page and finally add a little structure to my crazy life. I organized my calendar to include my travels, events, social activities to maintain "balance," exercise, calories broken down into micronutrients, and even an eight-hour sleep schedule…

Well, fast-forward to August, and my planner looks like a hideous, muddled mess. My handwriting is close to illegible, even to me. I have used a rainbow of ink colors and writing instruments, including a sharpie that bled through a few pages, and even my eyeliner when I couldn’t find a pen. I've also spilled coffee on it a few times, so it looks like an ancient Egyptian papyrus now.

I upgraded my gym membership to nationwide access to be able to work out in any state. I am almost always in my gym gear so I can make sure to sneak in a workout sometime in the day.

My life is all over the place in every way including my range of moods; I experience every emotion from being on top of the world to wanting to isolate myself from the world. Yes, I have those "I want to go into a coma and disappear for a few days" moments. My appearance is also a good indicator of how insane my day is; typically, the messier the hair, the more action-packed the day. I should sleep more, but I'm lucky to get 5-7 hours on any given day. Sometimes, I even sneak away for a 30-minute nap in the middle of the day.

Balance and Perspective

Two years ago, I was unfortunate to experience the untimely death of my father. It was sooner than I'd ever expected, and nothing prepared me for the pain that followed. After a year of grieving and questioning my existence, I realized I had no control over what life had in store, so I decided to let go and live on, enjoy the ride, and allow each moment surprise me while I continued on my journey.

Letting go made me realize that the uncertainty, instability, and unpredictability in my life are what actually kept me on my toes and feeling alive. I noticed that routine caused me to feel sluggish, bored and depressed.

Now when I start to feel like life is overwhelming me, I have learned to accept and feel every emotion deeply, even if it leads me to tears, because it forces me to self-evaluate, reflect and reset on a daily basis.


Traveling and living out of a suitcase has made me realize that I don't need much in this life, so much so that I have become a minimalist. As long as I have my few cute outfits, gym clothes, makeup, skincare and, of course, MYSKINBUDDY, then I'm a happy camper! No pun intended.

Being on the road so often has exposed me to meeting new people and experiences. The human connection is so spiritual and priceless to me, especially after losing my dad.  Traveling has also created a space of time and distance between my family and close friends, making my reunions even more special. My desire to see them is more intense and anticipated than ever. I can't wait to see my mom, eat her home-cooked grape leaves and cuddle with my puppies, Peanut Butter, and his sister, Jelly. I can't hug and kiss them enough!


When my days get overwhelming, I have learned to shut work down temporarily and do something else that brings me joy. I enjoy watching comedy, naps with my puppies, scheduling a facial or massage, or just going for a run with my tunes and my solitude. Oh, and if you follow me on social media, you’ll likely have noticed that I'm addicted to salsa dancing. A few hours of the Latin rhythmic salsa beats and being spun on the dance floor clears my mind and enriches my soul—and being close to those handsome men who know the proper dance techniques don't hurt either!

Finally, I've learned to feel joy is to put others first and surround myself with positive vibrations as much as I can. I've noticed that being genuinely selfless, loving and giving seems to bring me more joy than when I put myself first. When I'm down, I love calling a positive friend, checking in and talking about their day. If my mom needs groceries, I'm happy to pick them up and even help prepare them, in spite of how busy my days tend to be.

Realizing the world doesn't revolve around me humbles me and prevents me from becoming vain, narcissistic and playing the victim. Being conscious and aware of my thoughts and actions keeps my ego at bay and allows me to live in the moment. Life is not easy or comfortable, but it doesn't have to be that bad if I can figure out how to deal with it in ways that work for me.

Imbalance and unpredictability are quite normal aspects of life, and can sometimes be surprisingly exciting! I have given myself permission to breathe, temporarily run away or even freak out internally for a few minutes. This is all perfectly fine as long as I reset, then come back to earth and enjoy the next part of the rollercoaster with my arms up in surrender.  

It is indeed an honor when I get to share my business story, tips, and lessons to anyone who inquires. So thank you for taking the time to read about my imbalanced life as a passion-driven business owner. Like you, I remain a work in progress and hope that you will gain some useful take away from my story, even as it's still being written.

With love,

Ghada A.



Ghada Abuhakmeh