How to Prep the Skin Using MYSKINBUDDY and Achieve Better Results

Guest Blogger: MSB Expert Sallyanne Bliss


I met Ghada and her “Gangster Glow” in Vegas. As a fan of LED, Ultrasound and ionic cleansing I looked at MYSKINBUDDY (MSB) thinking ok, another little gadget - looks cute. Never judge a product when you have had no sleep! Well, I was in Vegas! 

I knew the minute Ghada began talking that the MSB was something different and purchased one. I travel internationally to see my clients so thought it will be useful as it was small and charged on a USB. Plus I am a self confessed gadget Junkie. 


Your MSB Skincare Rituals 




We all know environment and lifestyle affects the skin. We can offer advice to our clients but it is in the treatment where we have control of the results. Whether we are offering a customized facial, enzyme, TCA Peel, Laser, Radio Frequency or micro needling - exfoliation and product penetration ultimately improves the results. 

All too often we focus on SPF and rely on that to protect our skin from aging, however we have our own built in system that protects our skin and creates the optimal environment to create a healthy glowing skin. 

With a little help from the MSB we can effectively lift dirt from the pores that would need a more aggressive approach. Also we can penetrate our expensive products more effectively creating cellular renewal, collagen production and a tighter lifted skin. What more can we want! 

After using an oil cleanser and good massage I choose either a combination or individual AHA and BHA cleanser and slowly glide the MSB over the skin with the steamer for 5 minutes. This will deeply cleanse your and prepare your client’s skin for extractions or further treatments. 

I would then use the LED and ultrasound settings to penetrate your serums creating the perfect environment for the magic to happen - healthy cellular renewal. My favorite is red LED using Hyaluronic acid with peptides. So whatever product range you favor, MSB enhances the benefits. 




I recommend my clients support their treatments at home by cleansing with MSB 3 times a week. The ideal time is in the evening as this is when your skin requires deeper cleansing and will benefit most from the penetration of serums as the skin can rest and repair while you sleep.

Ghada Abuhakmeh