Your Trusted Esthetic Advisor, Shelley Hancock has a tip for post peel care!


Guest Blogger

Shelley Hancock, Your Trusted Esthetic Advisor

Licensed Esthetician since 1988



MYSKINBUDDY dropped in my lap (well, actually my porch) out of the blue. The owner sent me one thinking that I may be the perfect representative for her amazing tool and boy was she correct. I fell in love the first time I used it and now I can’t stop talking about MYSKINBUDDY with my fellow Estheticians. I call it the MYSKINBUDDY Frenzy! This tool needs to be in every Esthetician's tool box. Not only will it help you achieve better treatment results, but every client will want to take one home which in turn brings more income to your business. 

Here’s a great quick treatment idea for Skincare Professionals:


I did a TCA peel on myself (I scrubbed it in pretty good!). I was super flaky a few days later, so I applied a Cherry Enzyme (yummy yummy), topped it off with plenty of water and then used MYSKINBUDDY over the top in Setting #1/ Deep Cleanse mode for 5 minutes. I rinsed well and voila......beautiful, smooth skin emerged!

Then, I applied a super hydrating oxygen plasma moisturizer and set MYSKINBUDDY on Setting #4 / Skin Rejuvenation mode (Red LED light therapy & product penetration) for another 5 minutes.

In less than 15 minutes, I was amazed at how quickly my skin went from flaky and dry, to super hydrated and plump! This is a fabulous and simple way to WOW your clients and have them asking for more! Don't forget to educate them on how to use MYSKINBUDDY for home maintenance until their next appointment! 

Tip for at-home MYSKINBUDDY Users! 

If you're an at-home MYSKINBUDDY user and also interested in achieving and added WOW radiance,  I highly suggest contacting a skincare professional near you to purchase a quality facial scrub to include in your weekly regimen. Mix the suggested scrub with your cleanser, Click Setting #1 / Deep Cleanse mode, and treat your skin in slow circular motions for a few minutes!  Don't forget to hydrate after, so ask for a moisturizer as well that is suited for your skin needs! 

Click here to locate a MYSKINBUDDY expert near you and take one home if you haven't tried it already! 


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