Operation Rescue MYSKINBUDDY from Hurricane IRMA. Read about what happened to our shipment!


A personal message from Ghada. MSB creator and owner.

Hi Everyone!

We have been patiently and impatiently waiting on our MYSKINBUDDY shipment!

If you have ordered MYSKINBUDDY before you may have noticed that our logistics center and main office is in Delray Beach, Florida.



On Monday, September 4th, we received a confirmation from UPS that our shipment has arrived safely to their Kentucky hub for distribution to our South Florida facilty.  We were so excited!!

I was booked and ready to fly from Philadelphia to Delray Beach to inspect, supervise and help Michael (aka our trusted shipping manager), and the MSB Team pack all our MYSKINBUDDY orders to go out as promised on September 12th.

Tuesday afternoon, Lou my partner-in-beauty crime sends me a text that reads "Ghada, you're not coming to Florida this weekend, Irma is coming instead". 

Go figure! My personal WeatherChannel/ at-home Mama has been stressing over this feisty Latina named Irma dancing her way towards Miami for the last few days.  Now Irma was going to ruin our delivery plans.

Oh, boy, or shall I say, oh girl. Hurricane Irma was labeled as possibly the strongest storm to hit the US since Hurricane Andrew. Catastrophic winds and devastation means that the area will be losing power for weeks, possibly months, and shipping and receiving would most likely be halted. We needed to act quickly to reroute our new MSB shipment to our Northeast distribution center ASAP before it was too late.


Operation rescue MYSKINBUDDY from Hurricane Irma activated! 

After a full day of calls, and pleading, we were able to track down all UPS shipments and drivers to reroute everything we needed to safely arrive at our Pennsylvania distribution facility by Monday.  I can't help but be thankful for UPS  and their superior customer service. 


Wait! What about our team in Florida?!

Like most Floridians, the our shipping team was planning on riding out the storm, but as Irma approached, it was clear that she was not going to back down and would be destructive to anything in her way. 

Great news!

As of 10 am Saturday morning,  the whole MSB team showed up tired, but safe and sound in Philly, after driving for 24 hours, in bumper-to-bumper traffic. They will stay put in Philadelphia until Irma passes, and Florida recovers. 

We will be meeting early Monday morning to accept our MSB shipment and get to work!  Thank you again UPS! 

We truly apologize for any shipping delays that may be caused by Hurricane Irma and truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

We promise to do our best to deliver all our packages in a timely with the help of our shipping courier. 

As thankful as we are that our shipment and MSB team are safe,  we are thinking of all of the people and areas that were and will be affected by Hurricane Irma.  And, our thoughts also continue for a speedy recovery for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.



Ghada Abuhakmeh