Baby, It’s Cold Outside. ‘Tis the season for dry, chapped and cracked skin.


So, let me guess your schedule this time of the year. You’ve already RSVP’d to your friend’s ugly sweater party, your client’s corporate holiday event, your coworker’s Secret Santa gift exchange, and your scheduled family gathering is less than two weeks away. Oh, but unfortunately, your skin is not looking so festive or glowy and you’d hate to show up as anything but glamorous heading into the new year. What are you to do?

The good news is there’s no need to stress or panic because we at MYSKINBUDDY will have your skin glowing in less than 20 minutes! Consider this our not so secret Santa gift to you this holiday season!


It’s quite simple, really! Just follow these 3 easy steps using MYSKINBUDDY to look radiant at your holiday party!

Ready? Awesome! In 3,2,1… get ready to fall in love with your skin!

Step 1: 5-minute gentle cleansing and exfoliation.  

For this step, you will need a gentle cleanser and mild scrub suited for your skin type.

Mix a gentle cleanser with a mild scrub all over your face and neck. Click mode #1 and move in a slow, circular motion around the face. You should feel the ultrasonic vibration and thermal heat working immediately. As you move around, the positively-charged ions will work to pull the dirt out from under your skin, while the red LED light promotes skin rejuvenation and oxygen to the cells. Due to the thermal heat, you may have to wet your skin during the treatment. MYSKINBUDDY will stop after 5 minutes to let you know that you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Balance, restore and refresh.

For this step, you will need a cotton round, your MSB cotton round holder, and a facial toner suited for your skin type.

Place your cotton round on the smooth metal surface and secure it in place with your cotton round holder. Next, apply a few drops of your toner and click mode #1 again and work on the face and neck for 2-3 minutes. You will notice that your cotton round may have more dead skin.

Step 3: Nourish and hydrate.

For this step, you will need a hydrating moisturizer suited for your skin type.

Apply your favorite hydrating serum and/or moisturizer all over your face and neck. Click #5 for Multi-symptom mode and treat for 5 minutes. This mode will help with skin rejuvenation, plumping, tightening, brightening and even kill acne bacteria, all in one shot!

When it comes to your skin, less is more so be kind and gentle to it. MYSKINBUDDY gives you a way to gently cleanse and exfoliate without stripping your precious oils. This unique device also helps push beneficial ingredients deeper into the skin while promoting skin health.

All of this in less than 20 minutes using only one device? Yep! Say goodbye to your old skin care regimen and kick off the new year with your skin’s new best friend, MYSKINBUDDY.

If you haven’t upgraded to your winter skin care, we highly suggest consulting with a skin care professional to help you choose products suited for your skin type. Click here to locate an authorized MSB Expert near you to get a customized regimen to maximize your MYSKINBUDDY benefits and enhance your already beautiful self.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a selfie with MYSKINBUDDY and tag us on social media! Happy Holidays and have a most wonderful time as we approach a fabulous new year!


Ghada & The MSB Team


Ghada Abuhakmeh