BREAKING NEWS! MSB nominated for 2018 Dermascope's Aesthetician Choice Award and we would love and appreciate your vote! Read why I'm so freaking thankful this year!

Wow! What a year! MYSKINBUDDY has just been nominated for the 2018 Dermascope’s Aesthetician Choice Award for Best Handheld LED Therapy Device. Voting is from November 7th to17th (check it out here and thank you for voting).

You know, 2017 has been a truly fantastic and surreal year for me but my  journey to get to this point was riddled with some of my life’s biggest challenges. I started out in 2016 as a one-woman show, overwhelmed with the aftermath of a death in my family, and with life in general. I found it hard to get up each day, let alone get out of bed. Simply put, I was in a deep funk like never before. Honestly, I didn’t think I could go on, but I knew I had to keep pushing myself forward--for me, and for the people I love, especially my mama and my dad.  


So I created MYSKINBUDDY a few months before my dad passed away in 2016. I remember sitting on the edge of his bed at the hospital showing him my new project and the MSB website. I was so excited but equally very anxious. My dad looked at it and told me that he had dreamt I had been out fishing but the water was muddy. Mama explained that, according to my Middle-Eastern culture, fish symbolized wealth and success, but the muddy water meant that I was going to work very hard. When dad passed away, it became my responsibility to take care of mama. I was now the breadwinner for the family, so just like dad had seen in his now prophetic dream, my life was…muddy! 


Some time would pass and naturally, I would grieve and do my best to come to terms with my new reality without dad in our lives. Eventually, my life would become less muddy when fate would bring the perfect business partner to my side. Six month ago, I reconnected with a longtime friend and collaborator, Lou Bucelli, a seasoned, serial entrepreneur. I always admired Lou’s genuine spirit and business sense. At dinner that night, I excitedly explained my dream to him. A few days later, he called and said, “Ghada, I want in!“

Over the next few months, I was constantly meeting with my closest and trusted estheticians and skin care professionals, pitching my dream, and clarifying my plan for MYSKINBUDDY. Believe me when I say that everyone wanted one! Everyone wanted in!

Needless to say, back then I didn’t think I was strong enough to pull this off and feared that I was going to crash and burn. Maybe, just maybe, it was my dad’s spirit sending those positive, encouraging, influential people my way. It was as though he’d personally sent me all these angels.

It may be cliche and yet it’s true, teamwork really does makes the dream work. I am so thankful for the MSB Team and for our MSB family, which include all of our clients (each of whom I am personally in love with). The collective love and passion these people possess are the reason for our nomination for the 2018 Dermascope’s Aesthetician Choice Award for Best Handheld LED Therapy Device (please, don’t forget and click here to vote).


Dear friends and family, whether we win or not, I am beyond grateful and humbled to have been  nominated for an award in our first year. I am especially thankful to my favorite skincare geek, Mary Schook, for always supporting and believing in me. If you don’t know her, you better get to googling! Seriously, she is the expert in the MSB video and was the first to test it for me. I love Shelley Hancock for becoming a part of our family and growth and for being one of the first true evangelists for MYSKINBUDDY. Google her, too! We all love Mike Bucelli for running our office and logistics and making sure all of our clients are super happy.  And I am grateful to Jenni Nagle and Barry Eichner of Lipgloss + Aftershave, who always make us look good.  I am also thankful for my brothers, Mohammed Abuhakmeh, for creating the MSB logo and brand, and Yousef Abuhakmeh (baby bro), for harassing, pestering, and motivating me at least once a week to be the best I can be. Last but not least, Dr. Ruth Hillelson, cosmetic surgeon, entrepreneur, and all-around beautiful person, I am blessed to know you and thankful to have you in my life as an invaluable  part of our ever expanding family.

To all of you reading this, during this festive season of gratitude, I simply hope that my story thus far can inspire all of us to be truly grateful for your loved ones--family, friends, supporters, partners, you name it. Make it a point to take a moment to offer a kind, sincere word of thanks to the people who have and continue to be there for you.  Happy Thanksgiving to you from me and all of us at MYSKINBUDDY.


Ghada A.

Ghada Abuhakmeh