Clear and radiant skin smoothie recipes!

Beautify your skin from the inside out. 

Add beneficial foods, spices and herbs to your smoothie and watch your skin and body transform.

Here are some to choose from!

1. Peppermint is a herb that helps to improve digestion and has a calming effect on your skin. When you suffer from digestive problems, your skin has lots of breakouts. Besides, mint leaves also relaxes your skin.

2. Yogurt is rich in Vitamin C and milk protein. The calcium and proteins in this dairy products helps to keep the skin firm. 

3. Bell peppers are superfoods for the skin. Especially yellow and red bell peppers are very rich in antioxidants, thus helps to slow down the ageing of the skin

4. Olive oil is one of the least fattening oils for cooking. Virgin olive oil is also rich in antioxidants which helps to speed up the cell renewal process

5. Nettles are technically weeds from your garden. When brewed with your tea, they have anti-inflammatory properties that helps to relax the skin.

6. Salmon. The healthy proteins present in salmon and other cold water fish help to start the healing process of the skin.

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